Choosing the Right Dab Torch
Choosing the Right Dab Torch

When selecting a suitable dab torch, there are a couple of factors you need to consider. Mainly, you choose a torch depending on the kind of nail you use. A ceramic nail doesn't require too much heating, meaning you need an adjustable torch to avoid overheating the material. If you are using a titanium one, you might want to go for a torch that burns hotter since titanium retains heat longer.

Another factor to consider is the purpose of the dab torch. Some are better for use once in a while (probably when traveling), while others are excellent for heavy-duty purposes. Before looking at the tips for selecting the ideal dab torch, let's first understand its importance.

Why Do You Need the Right Dab Torch?

Heating a bong or a joint is relatively easier than heating a nail. Bongs and joints involve smoking dry bud, which catches fire quickly. It means that you don't have to worry so much about the type of torch to use. On the other hand, dabbing involves experimenting with THC concentrates. It requires special material tools such as titanium and ceramic. The devices need to be heated evenly to get the most out of your THC oil. For that reason, it is essential to consider the following tips when buying a dab torch.

Type of Fuel

There are two types of fuels used in dabbing torches: butane and propane. Most dabbers prefer butane tools since they produce a cleaner flame. As a result, it doesn't contaminate the smell or taste of your dab.

On the other hand, propane can degrade the quality of your nail, especially if you are using a titanium one. Propane devices oxidize the nail to create carbon monoxide. This is harmful to your respiratory health. It also means that propane torches require well-ventilated rooms.

However, propane tools are cheaper and don't burn hotter depending on how you use them. They also perform well in extreme climate areas.



Size is a crucial consideration, especially when traveling. In the past, people used to hit their rigs using large propane tanks that produced huge flames. However, such devices have become unpopular over time. Dabbers now prefer smaller tools. You can comfortably travel with a less than 7-inch butane torch since it's more portable. However, you need to select a device that can last you longer, depending on your travel schedule.

Flame Control

The best dab torch comes with an adjustable flame, giving you multiple sizes and shapes. A sharply pointed flame works well with micro nails. On the other hand, broader bangers require a bigger flame that can distribute heat evenly.

The Torch Jet

A single-flame jet can either be helpful or not; it depends on your concentrate set-up. For that reason, bangers vary in thickness. They include:

  • 2mm bangers - You can heat these effectively with a small single-flame torch.
  • 4mm bangers - These are most common among dab enthusiasts. They require a relatively longer jet flame to heat them evenly and safely.
  • 6 mm bangers - These are not common among many dabbers. They need multiple flame jets to heat them evenly and simultaneously.

Although most torches come with a single jet, there are tools with 3 or 4 jets. Multiple-jet devices, especially those that use butane, heat up more quickly and distribute heat more evenly than single-jet devices. However, if you are a starter, you can opt for a single-jet device since it is smaller, making it much easier to use.

Style and Shape

If you want to add a touch of class to your dabbing accessory, you can choose the big boy torch . It’s high-powered to heat your banger effectively. Besides that, it is easy to use and beautifully designed to match your style.


Safety is a crucial aspect that every dabber should consider when choosing a torch. Although you are not going to dab with kids around, sometimes their curiosity might lead them to your dabbing accessory. When shopping for a dab torch, ensure you pick the one with a safety lock. Safety locks prevent gas flow to avoid accidental ignitions. You can also avoid accidental burns by selecting a device with a finger guard.



Any serious dabber will always consider the durability of a dab torch before purchasing any. Sometimes people go for a cheap, low-quality device that quits on them after a few uses. There have been increased cases of counterfeit brand names in the market, making people go for low-quality products.

However, cheap doesn't necessarily translate to low quality; there are affordable yet quality torches out there. Instead of going for plastic material tools, go for metallic ones. A plastic trigger tends to break more often when subjected to high heat over time. Note that you can notice fake torches quickly since they are finished with chrome-like shininess.


A torch with extra functionality is ideal for most dabbers, especially medical patients who can't hold the trigger for long. The best dab torch comes with an in-built flame lock to help you flip a switch while keeping on the flame. You can also shop for a device with adjustable heads if you feel uncomfortable during dabbing sessions.


Cost consideration is a must when buying any dabbing tool. Go for a torch you can afford while considering its quality and functionality. You can find an affordable dab torch at Illuminati Glass. The tools range from $5 to $30, and you can use them for more functions other than dabbing.

If possible, you should select a device that has a warranty. Most reputable brands offer warranties on their products to keep customers satisfied. There are high chances a tool with a warranty will work longer than the one without it.

The Bottom Line

It's easy to shop for the right torch when you have the right knowledge. As stated above, the best dab torch will match your style, ensure safety, and be adjustable to ensure you enjoy your dabbing experience.