How Do I Choose a Waterpipe
How Do I Choose a Waterpipe

If you are a flavor enthusiast like many serious stoners, you will want an excellent water pipe. Water pipes work with concentrates as well as dry herbs. A water pipe that has a nail to heat your concentrate on is called a dab rig. If it has a herb slide, it is referred to as a bong, yet it can still be used similarly to a dab rig. Choosing the best water pipe, especially if you are a newbie, can be confusing. Here are a few things to consider during this quest.

Consider the Size of the Water Pipe

You have to ask yourself how you will be using the water pipe. For instance, do you intend to take it outdoors when you want to do a stoning session, or will it be primarily used indoors? This is also important in determining the material and type of water pipe you will need.

The smaller the smoking device, the easier it will be to carry along outdoors and even to store. Additionally, larger water pipes are substantially more expensive. However, they do offer more stability and can easily be modified or accessorized. They have more room for percolation. Also, you should factor in your lung capacity. If you prefer small pulls when smoking, then a small bong will be perfect. This is especially true if you are new to using the device.

Large water pipes need more care because they stand a higher chance of breaking, unlike their smaller counterparts. Also, as mentioned earlier, you have to consider how you intend to use the water pipe. Will you be passing your bong around groups of people? If so, then a smaller smoking device will be more appropriate. This reduces the risk of your water pipe breaking.

Consider the Water Pipe’s Percolator Function

When it comes to the process of diffusion, you should consider going for a water pipe with a percolator function. The combustion that occurs when burning dry herbs can be detrimental to your health. For this reason, a percolator will help prevent the inhalation of large amounts of harmful byproducts. A percolator will filter toxins released during combustion. As a big plus, it also cools down the hot smoke. This leads to a smoother and cleaner hit.

In other cases, you find water pipes that have built-in diffusers. Additionally, you can opt to add an ash catcher. You can also choose to buy a small water pipe if your product of choice is legal concentrates. According to cannabis flavor aficionados, a smaller bong produces the proper flavor.

Consider the Water Pipe Material

Consider the Water Pipe Material

Nowadays, water pipes are made from different materials. Some of the materials include acrylic, plastic, silicone, bamboo, ceramic, and glass, to name just a few. Accordingly, these different materials have different costs. For instance, plastic water pipes tend to be cheaper. This is also true for bongs made from ceramic. They are pretty translucent, allowing you to see the quality of water you are using. 

Also, water pipes made from ceramic are less costly than glass bongs and considerably more durable. Yet they are more difficult to clean. This greatly reduces their lifespan. On the other hand, silicone water pipes are offer durability and flexibility. This is because they are easier to pack when traveling. Also, bamboo bongs offer a lot of sturdiness and stylishness. Just like their silicone counterparts, they are also very durable.

However, of all the materials, glass is the best. It gives the best quality hits, for one thing. Water pipes made from this material can be modified and accessorized, unlike the other materials. But you should be careful when shopping for a glass bong. Cannabis enthusiasts say it is advisable to opt for a water pipe made from scientific glass. The glass should be thicker than normal glass to prevent it from easily breaking.

Having said that, your durability needs, intended use, and personal aesthetic will be the determining factors for which material best suits you.

Will You Be Using Dry Herbs or Concentrates?

Although you can use water pipes for both dry herbs and cannabis concentrates, this is still a major factor to consider. For concentrates, you will need a water pipe that has a nail and a 90-degree angled stem. On the other hand, you will need a bong with a bowl for dry herbs. You can use a small or medium water pipe if you wish to use it for either concentrates or dry herbs because you can easily accessorize the bong with an attachment known as a quartz banger.

Consider Your Budget

Keep affordability in mind throughout the entire decision process. Breaking the bank for a water pipe is a non-starter for most people. However, if you fit in this category, don’t worry. There are good quality water pipes within a reasonable price range.

You must remember that the more sophisticated the bong is, the more costly it will be. If it has a more colorful design and numerous features, you will have to reach deeper into your pocket. Basic water pipes are quite affordable and can give you good service. However, if money is not an issue, you can get a custom bong that will give you a smoking experience to remember.

Consider Your Budget

The Final Hit

If you are a newbie in the world of cannabis and water pipes, other materials are less costly than glass. They can also give you an okay hit. However, glass bongs are cheaper in the long run because you can clean them more easily and this can give you a longer lifespan of quality service than other materials. Also, as the years go by and more accessories are innovated, you can add several features to your piece.

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