How to Choose the Right Dab Rig
How to Choose the Right Dab Rig

Choosing the perfect dab rig does not have to be overwhelming. Whether you want to get your first dab rig or need to replace the one you’ve been using for years, you will likely be impressed with the various options on the market. The wide range of dab rigs available makes it a sure bet that you will find one you love. Use the following advice to make sure you choose the right one. 

Make Quality a Priority

No matter the type of dab rig you choose or the features you want, you should always ensure that you select one made of high-quality materials and featuring good construction to match. Cheap dab rigs tend to break much more easily than the higher quality alternatives. Yes, you may have to spend a bit more initially, but you will likely save money in the long run. 

Go Small When Possible

The phrase “bigger is better” does not apply to dab rigs. You will notice better flavor as well as more potency from each hit you take when you opt for a smaller glass piece. Too large of a piece gives the potency and flavor more room to dissipate, making each hit less satisfying. 

But Bigger Rigs Have Their Place

While most people will want to opt for a smaller rig to maximize the potency and flavor in each hit, some may prefer larger rigs. These are ideal if you like to make each dab last, dividing them into a lot of puffs. The extra space in the glass piece will make this much easier to do. 

Decide If You Want Portability

Standard dab rigs typically measure about 7-9 inches tall, meaning they are not highly portable. This is perfectly fine if you plan to just leave your dab rig at home. However, if you want something more portable, you may want to look at mini rigs or nectar collectors, also known as vapor straws. Nectar collectors and vapor straws are simpler and smaller than dab rigs. They even use smaller torches. 

Decide If You Want Portability

Always Choose a Rig That Works With Water

You will notice that some of the modern dab rigs don’t necessarily have a spot for water. While you could technically choose one of these, it is not ideal. That is because water plays a crucial role in cooling down the vapor before you inhale it. So if your dab rig doesn’t let you use water, you may find the hits too hot to be enjoyable. 

Decide If You Want a Percolator

As you choose your dab rig, consider whether you want a percolator as well. Most dabbers don’t find a percolator to be as important as it would be for dry herbs in a bong. That is because herbs tend to create harsher vapor than dab rigs. That said, you may still appreciate the smoothness that comes from using a dab rig that has one. 

If you do opt for a rig with a percolator, choose it carefully. Remember that concentrates clog percolators more easily than dry herbs. Also, stick to something with a slightly larger hole so it is easier to clean, and remember that a percolator makes a rig even harder to clean. 

Consider the Nail Material

Most dab rigs come with nails that are titanium or glass, although you can also find options in ceramic or quartz. Titanium is the most popular due to its durability and ability to retain heat. 

Decide If You Want an E-rig

If you prefer not to buy a torch or deal with an active flame, consider getting an e-rig instead of a standard dab rig. These rely on battery power to heat up the nail, preventing the need to use a torch and flame. As a bonus, they give you the ability to choose an exact temperature. 

Keep in mind, though, that e-rigs need a power source to run. Some will plug into the wall and therefore always require an outlet. Others run on battery power, meaning that you will have to recharge it between every so many uses. Neither of those things would be a concern with a standard dab rig and torch. 

Don’t Forget Your Torch

Most of the time, you will buy a torch separately from your dab rig, but that doesn’t mean it is less important. As you look at torches, make sure that you choose one you are comfortable handling. Butane torches are among the most popular option. Beginners should strongly consider sticking to smaller torches as they tend to be more manageable. 

Don’t Forget Your Torch

Think About Storage

Take a moment or two to think about how you will store your dab rig when you aren’t using it. If you have a small apartment or want something that you can store discreetly, consider a smaller rig. If you have a bigger place, your choices may not be as limited. 

This is also the time to think about whether you care how the rig looks. It is easy to find dab rigs that look like they could be works of art, especially when they are made from gorgeous glass or have fun designs. 

Consider Accessories and Kits

You should also think about whether you want any extra accessories to go with your dab rig. You will typically want at least a dabber to help you place the concentrate on the nail. You may also want dab pads, bangers, carb caps, or other accessories. The benefit of thinking about accessories early on is that you may be able to find a kit that includes everything you want for a better price. Of course, if you forget about something, you can always buy the accessories separately later. 


With the above advice in mind, you should have no problem finding a dab rig that perfectly fits your needs. Just remember to focus on quality and think about the features you want as well as how you plan to use the rig.