How to Use a Quartz Banger
How to Use a Quartz Banger

Dabbing has recently been gaining a lot of popularity among users. It is one of the best ways to gain a smooth, favorable, and finest cannabis experience. This is arguably better than smoking buds. One of the best qualities of using a quartz banger is that it reduces the harmful effects of tar and other toxic compounds. It also gives you the best hits and finest flavor you can get. This has made more users make the switch from bud-smoking to dabbing using quartz bangers.

What Are Quartz Bangers?

For those who may not be familiar or are new to the world of dabbing, this might be confusing. In simple terms, a quartz banger is a style of e-nail tool used to smoke dabs inside a water pipe or dabbing rig. Dabs are concentrates that melt and vaporize under high temperatures that you can smoke to get a good hit. It consists of a bucket that heats the dab and a joint that connects to a water pipe. This is the pipe that delivers the vapor to your mouth.

How Does a Quartz Banger Work?

A quartz banger or nail retains heat delivered by a heat source such as a torch, lighter, or e-nail. This process vaporizes your concentrates in a chamber or bucket, allowing you to draw the vapor via the banger’s elbow to the water pipe. Once the quartz banger is adequately heated, you will be able to pull the vapor.

The most distinctive part of its vapor delivery involves the joint that connects it to the water pipe. The design ensures that the vapor has cooled before reaching your sinus and lungs. It also allows for various angles to be used. This facilitates a better fit with your dabbing rig and better heating. Other dabbing stations such as titanium rigs do not have this elbow, limiting their vertical flexibility at the joint.

Quartz Bangers’ Heat Retention

Quartz Bangers’ Heat Retention

Quartz bangers also have distinctive heat retention features that make your dabbing experience remarkable. It has better heat retention qualities than titanium and other materials. Moreover, materials such as titanium tend to collect sticky residues and resin as you indulge in dabbing. This also leads to natural oxidation when they interact with air, compromising their ability to retain heat. 

Quartz bangers, on the other hand, ensure you have a longer-lasting nail that operates optimally. This also extends your glass water pipe’s life by decreasing the risk of cracking due to extensive heat exposure.

Additionally, the banger’s heat retention is more localized, ensuring the heat emanating from your lighter or heater will not spread to other parts. This is especially true for the joint connecting the water pipe. Other materials readily disperse heat to other areas, causing damage to the rig eventually. 

In contrast, materials such as titanium are instrumental in cooling down devices, especially in the electronic field. These materials are great at protecting electronics such as computers but are not practical with bangers. This is because they pose a great risk to glass and other fragile materials.

Using a Quartz Banger

If you are new to quartz bangers, here are a few pointers on how to use the device:

Insert Your Quartz Banger in Your Dabbing Rig

This might sound easy, but there are things to put into consideration. The most important thing is to know your dabbing rig’s joint size. The most common size is a 14-millimeter male or female joint. You have to get the exact size and matching fit for both components. 

For instance, a beaker-shaped dabbing station works well with a quartz banger that can maneuver up to a 45-degree angle. If you go over this, you will have to tilt the whole rig to make it work. Also, ensure that it fits tightly. This eliminates pulling in air when inhaling.

Heat It Evenly

Whatever medium you are using to heat the banger, ensure it distributes the heat evenly. Do not bring it very close to you or point the flames in your direction. Other inflammable products such as cleaning agents, and alcohol should not be in proximity. This is dangerous and can cause bodily harm or property destruction.

Experienced dabbers recommend heating the banger evenly by moving the flame evenly and slowly across the quartz nail. Heating only the bottom of the banger is not advisable. This will overheat the bottom, burning and charring your dab once you apply it. Not only will it be a waste, but cleaning it will be a headache. Experienced users have also indicated that high-temp dabs can be problematic to your lungs.

Apply your Dab to the Banger

Apply your Dab to the Banger

Depending on your favorite dab, there are various dab tools that you can use. Since most of them are sticky, a dabbing tool with a carver is advisable. Just carve a modest amount of dab onto your dabbing tool and place it on the quartz banger. You can do some research on which is the best dabber for your favorite concentrate. However, the most important thing is to apply a reasonable amount. Placing a huge amount is counterproductive because most of it will go to waste.

Stir the Dab

While dabbing dense concentrates, you should ensure that your quartz nail is sufficiently heated. Then, use your dabbing tool to stir the concentrate in a circle. Since the banger’s wall is also heated, stir it evenly on the sides too. Failure to do this might burn or char your dab.

Use a Carb Cap

A carb cap is a dab rig accessory that prevents vapor from escaping and building up a good amount of vapor. Some have UFO carb caps or quartz bubble carb caps that aerate the banger. A carb cap is an amazing feature that works as an invisible dab tool.

The Takeaway

Once you have followed the above steps, you are ready to venture into your dabbing experience. Get yourself one of these bangers and test your dabbing limits. You can have a look at some top-notch quartz bangers at Illuminati Glass that suit your preference. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced dabber, there is a fit for everyone here.