What Is the Best Vape Pen Battery
What Is the Best Vape Pen Battery

Batteries are essential components of vape pens. Without the pen’s battery, you can’t heat the CBD vape juice and inhale the flavor. So finding the best battery for your vaporizer is equally crucial.

Get it wrong, and it negatively impacts your vaping experience. Soon, you’ll go on Google or YouTube seeking answers on why your vape isn’t working properly. Price should be the last thing on your mind when looking for the best vape batteries. In this guide, let’s look at what makes a good vape pen battery and a few recommendations.

Battery Capacity

One of the main attractions of vape pens is their portability. This allows users to take their devices wherever they go. However, to enjoy that aspect of portability, the battery needs to keep its charge for as long as possible. Plus, a strong battery capacity delivers consistent vapor for each puff.

Amperage means the amount of voltage a battery can deliver at a particular time. So the higher the current, the more power you get. The unit of measurement for battery capacity is milliamp Hours (mAh). This is the electric power of the battery over time.

Theoretically, a 2500mAh Samsung 25R battery will draw 2500 milliamp for an hour. Thus, a 2500mAh battery will outlast and outperform any 1500mAh battery. Ideally, the best vape battery comes with a greater mAh rating. 


A larger battery delivers more power and keeps the charge longer. However, due to their small size, vape pens need a smaller battery size. One benefit of using small batteries is that these are typically more lightweight, so these don’t add too much weight to the pen itself. Plus, these are ideal for vape pens that need a lower power output.

Charging Time

A battery that keeps its charge for a long time is of no use if it takes a whole day charging. This is because the amount of charging time affects the usability of the vaporizer. The best vape pen battery strikes a perfect balance in terms of how long it can store a charge and how fast it can reach full charge.

Charging Time


The industry standard for vape pens is 510 threading. The name originates from its design as all the 10 threads are 0.5 mm. 510 thread batteries are a hallmark of the best vape pens because they ensure the respective components work together effectively.


Typically, vape pen batteries work at preset power inputs and outputs. Most of the batteries boast max inputs of 4.2V or 5V. When the electric current exceeds these limits, the batteries might overheat and even explode.

However, the best vape pen battery comes with safety features to avoid such a frightful scenario. It comes with a shutdown voltage, for example, that prevents the battery from exceeding a specific output. Overheating is thus avoided and the battery lasts longer without damaging itself or the vaporizer.

Battery Type

The battery type makes a major difference in your vaping experience. At the moment, almost all handheld electronics, including smartphones, tablets, vape pens, and laptops, use lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion). Not only are these batteries low maintenance, but they also provide high energy density, which guarantees long-term use without sacrificing power.

Understanding the Tags

For most people, the information available on vape pen batteries doesn’t make sense. For vapers, these details are very important to learn in order to pick the best vape pen battery. Here are the common terminologies you’ll come across on your vape battery:

  • I stands for lithium-ion battery
  • M stands for Manganese
  • N stands for Nickel
  • C stands for Cobalt
  • F stands for Iron
  • R signifies round
  • F implies flat
  • 18650 denotes the dimensions of the battery. In this case, 18mm thick and 65mm in height.


Let’s take the example of Samsung INR18650. How do you read these battery details? Based on the information given, it is a Lithium-ion battery consisting of nickel positive ions. And, it’s round-shaped with 18mm thickness and 65mm height.

What about LG IMR 18650 1500mAh 3.6V? Well, this is a Lithium-ion battery featuring Manganese positive ions. It has a round shape and has an 18mm diameter and a 65mm height. Plus, it boasts a capacity of 1500mAh and 3.6 voltage power.

Recommended Vape Batteries

Why Choose the 18650 Battery?

Many consider the 18650 battery to be the best vaping battery. The majority of mods feature compatibility with 18650 batteries. These batteries are compact but very powerful. Plus, they allow you to start vaping straight away once you buy your vaping pen. What’s more, they come with safety features, so you don’t have to worry about any safety hazards.

The 18650 battery affords you unrestricted control over your device and battery quality. You can decide to go for either high mAh or high amperage. Also, you can bring in new replacement batteries once they reach the end of their service life.

Recommended Vape Batteries

  • Long-lasting: The LG HG2 IMR battery boasts a 3000mAh capacity and a continuous discharge rating of 20A. Its high capacity means reduced charging frequency between your vaping sessions.
  • High output: The Samsung 20S enjoys a high output of 30-amperage. The battery can be safely used with up to 80 watts on regulated mods.
  • Tight budget: The Samsung 30Q battery discharges up to 15A without overheating. It has a 3000mAh capacity. It provides solid performance considering its fairly affordable price.
  • Best safety:  The LG HE2 battery contains manganese positive ions and offers better safety compared to other 18650 batteries. It has a capacity of 2500mAh and a constant discharge rating of 20A.
  • Best replaceable battery:  The Radio Shack INR enjoys a 3000mAh capacity and 30 Amperage. It is consistent and durable.

The Bottom Line

The two main takeaways to keep in mind are:

  • Don’t purchase rewrapped batteries or clones or the cheapest battery.
  • Shop only from trusted vendors.

Of course, no particular battery can satisfy all vapers’ requirements. That’s why you need to gather as much information as possible about vape pen batteries then pick the best option based on your desired vaping style and needs. The guide above gives you the information you need about the properties of a high-quality vape pen battery.